«3 Reasons To Learn
Shoemaking Online & How to Get
Started Today!»

Presented by  Sveta Kletina

Shoemaker | Footwear Designer | CEO at
Shoemaking Courses Online

This shoemaking webinar is for those who want to start learning shoemaking but don't know what tools they need, what shoes they need to make first, what mistakes beginners need to avoid, and what is the most important thing you need to learn first.

We will cover a lot in this webinar to help you get started learning shoe making today:

  1. 3 Main reasons why you're not leaning shoemaking yet and how to overcome them.
  2.  Step by step working process and what you need to know in each step.
  3.  Minimum set of tools you need to get started today( You'll be surprised)
  4.  Why you need to Master pattern making before anything else in shoemaking!
  5.  At the end of the presentation, we'll have live Q&A, so write down your questions!
  6.  EXCLUSIVE WEBINAR OFFER! & Great opportunity to get full shoemaking tools kit!
ATTENTION: There are a limited number of “seats” available
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